Indiana Jones Cake

Indiana Jones Cake

It is no surprise that two people who work at Cool Party Favors have Pat as a mom.  When she learned that her grandson was going to have an “Indiana Jones” theme birthday party, she started coming up with ideas for the cake.    She thought of every detail, from the structure of the cake to all of the embellishments that made it look like a mountain.  First, let’s take a look at the wonderful photo of her masterpiece.  Next, you will see her directions.  I didn’t make any changes to her original wording, so that you could easily duplicate what she did.

  1. I took the easy route for the batter and just used two cake mixes-two rounds out of one and 24 cupcakes out of the other. My chocolate frosting was taken from the back of the Hershey’s cocoa box, only doubled.
  2. I added a little more milk than it called for, because I wanted to dribble it down and around the mountain, creating more of a rough texture.
  3. I put a layer of frosting on one of the rounds and added a second layer. After that, I added upside-down cupcakes wherever I thought a hill should be.
  4. I then drizzled my frosting all over it, letting it cascade wherever it wanted to, and it sort of formed its own caves as it went along. The “sand” was made out of crushed malt balls, and then “candy” chocolate rocks were added.
  5. With the addition of some rubber snakes(thoroughly washed first, of course) fake shrubs(washed) and various Indiana Jones characters, everyone seemed to like it-and it tasted good as well! (This is a true statement, as I was one of the guests.)

Other things that Pat did, but did not mention.  She:

  • Baked a trophy inside the cake.  Whoever won found it in their slice of cake was the winner and eligible for a prize.  Lucky for me, my son was the winner of a crisp new five dollar bill.
  • Included Lego stairs and other pieces.  She was smart to keep them large enough, so that the party guests didn’t accidentally choke on them.
  • Arranged the lumps of cake on a variety of levels, so that the finished product looked like actual terrain.
  • Placed the cake on a large white platter so that it was portable and easy to cut.

If you want to see a more detailed view of this marvelous cake, you can click on the photo itself and you will see the enlarged version.