iPad Party Apple Computer Theme

iPad Party Apple Computer Theme

I came across a wonderful iPad party with an Apple Computer theme by Tara of Haute Sugar.  One of the amazing things about this modern and elegant celebration was that it was for a four-year-old boy.  My first feeling was envy, because any teen or adult would be thrilled to have such a great bash.    My next feeling was awe because of the creativity it took to both imagine and execute such great ideas, all of which are by Tara. She was kind enough to share her inspiration with us.

Here is a wide shot of the dessert table.   You will notice the sign, which looks like a computer screen, says ” iMAL 4 – The fastest, most powerful Malcom yet.”  If you haven’t guessed, her son’s name is Malcom.   The hanging decorations in white and shades of gray (no pun intended) really add depth and texture to room.

iPad Cake – This happens to be one of the most interesting decorations and it is edible too.  The cake features a realistic screen, complete with an accurate-looking screensaver and a pair of ear buds.

iPad Cupcakes – There were three choices of cupcakes.  One displayed an iPad made of fondant.  The next is decorated like the cover of a computer with the Apple logo.  The third has fondant with an email screen displaying a happy birthday wish.  All decorations rested on top of a frosted cupcake.

Apple iPad Cookies – These delicious looking beauties rested on top of a silver metal box.  You will notice the blue and white color scheme is incorporated these cookies as well as all of the decorations.

iPad Party Favors – A party is not complete without favors, and both of the ones at this iPad theme celebration were winners.  First is a bag filled with safari animal crackers with a Safari web browser logo.  Next are bubbles with a computer theme label on each; Tara provides a link to a tutorial so that you can create them.

There are more images of this great party on Haute Sugar.    Tara assembled quite a group of bakers, or should I say artists, to make this party special for her son.   All of the vendors are listed on her website, as is a picture of the adorable guest of honor.   If you happen to live in the greater Baltimore/Washington Metro area and are in need of an event planner, look up Tara and her partner Sabrina.