Josh’s Sports Bar Mitzvah

Josh’s Sports Bar Mitzvah

Sports and boys are inseparable, and Josh being a sports fan wanted his Bar Mitzvah celebration to reflect his interest in sports. Event planner Tariko Kendall of Whimzey Events borrowed details from cricket, football, basketball and tennis to create a fantastic sports theme party that would impress every sports fan. Let’s take a look at the photos of this event, where fun and creativity come together to make it an interesting evening.

Bar Mitzvah Sports Theme

This custom logo is designed with Josh’s favorite team colors. The navy, orange and white colors personalize the different elements used throughout the party.

Sports Seating Chart

The seating arrangement resembles a score chart designed in the custom theme colors of navy and orange. It is displayed at the venue entrance on a huge white board.

Sports Theme Decorations

An open bookshelf decorated with the custom label design and trophies of various sports events forms an interesting display.

Basketball Theme Centerpiece

Centerpieces with different sports elements decorate the tables at the venue. Here, silver basketballs are placed above a misty orange glass column on an illuminated glass base. There is also a navy blue table cover.

Soccer Theme Centerpieces

On another table, the magnificent centerpiece features glass boxes with silver soccer balls on either side of a shimmering crystal box in the center. With illuminated boxes on either ends, the effect is exemplary against the lush orange table cover.

Baseball Theme Centerpieces

In a similar fashion, here is a cricket-themed centerpiece. The clear boxes feature silver cricket gloves and balls, while the box in the center has twinkling crystal details.

Sports Theme Bar Mitzvah

The kid’s lounge is separated by white curtains with the custom logo and a “Lounge” board displayed in navy print on an orange poster. Big blue and orange balloons float down from the ceiling.

Sports Table Decorations

Silver coated footballs and tennis balls are placed in shimmering boxes on orange, navy and white runners on dinner tables in the kids lounge.

Sports Bar Mitzvah Party

The adults in the party sit at round tables with illuminated orange towers with the custom logo printed on them.


The beverages match the color theme of this party. The neatly arranged orange crush bottles form an amazing display of their own.

As we come to the end of our trip to Josh’s sports Bar Mitzvah, I must once again appreciate Tariko’s clever ideas that made this event a feast for the eyes! I am sure Josh had a great time, as did all his guests.