Jungle Safari Baby Shower Favors

Jungle Safari Baby Shower Favors

Here are some wild jungle party favors coming soon to Cool Party Favors that double as safari decorations to set your animal adventure in action.

Jingle-jangle party favor boxes

Send your party guests home with these lovable square party boxes in black, white or kraft. Complete with interesting monkey prints or giant leaves, they are an ideal addition to your party table. You can set them off on the safari by filling it up with candy or chocolates for an after-party treat.

Safari style stemless glasses

Get on board your safari trip with these wild wine stemless glasses. Your guests can use these cute jungle-inspired party glasses with a wild motiff design to serve wine, or even as holders for candy and other treats.

Jungle-inspired foliage photo backdrop

Bring the jungle alive at your party with this perfect party picture backdrop. Vivid green leaves on a beige background with a chevron print in white create the ideal background for a jungle or safari-theme photo booth at your party.

Jungle adventure Mason Jars

Treat your party guests to beverages served in cute mason jars personalized with animal prints, leafy lusciousness and monkey faces. You could fill them with colorful candy to add a punch of color to your table or gift them as favors to remember your party by.

Wild vibrant party flags

Get hold of these adorable party flags to top your straws, cupcakes and more at your jungle-themed party. Choose from the bright monkey and animal print designs to liven up your party spread.

Breezy beautiful jungle coasters

These personalized jungle-theme coasters make a befiting addition to your jungle-themed party. Use it to sprinkle elegance throughout your party table, or to gift as a keepsake to the guests who made your day special.

Designer jungle theme labels

As you ride along the bumpy jungle track and get the safari party started, don’t forget to defend your territory with these jungle theme water bottle labels. They are perfect for decorating water bottles, party favors or more with bright foliage, animal prints or smiley monkeys.

Monkey around mason jar mugs

Grab your mason jar mugs personalized with monkey print designs for your jungle-inspired party. These charming monkey visage mugs  make superb party favors that will serve your guests for long and remind them of the wonderful occasion every time they set sight on it.

Pretty precious frosted jungle votives

Brighten up the forest at your party with these pretty votives in frosted glass. They are perfect to spruce up the jungle ambience at your party when you complete them with tealights. Available in monkey print and jungle leaf designs, they will be a wonderful party favor for your guests.

Jungle-theme party milk jars

Tame the ferocious kitties at your jungle party with beverages served in personalized milk jars. These safari inspired pieces will make an excellent party favor for both old and young alike. Fill it up with candy, chocolates or nuts for some after-party indulgence.