Las Vegas Wedding Planning

Las Vegas Wedding Planning

Are you planning on getting married in Vegas but aren’t sure how to coordinate the big event? Follow these steps to creating the perfect Las Vegas wedding:

Create a list of needs for a perfect wedding. These can include transportation to Las Vegas and lodging for you and your guests, chapel, flowers, photos and/or videos, music, reception location, food and anything else that is important to you.

Determine your budget. If your idea of a perfect Vegas wedding does not fit into your budget, decide upon what is most important and scale back on the other items.

Book a flight and hotel. Many sites offer specials for getting your airfare and room together, and some even offer special couples’ deals. and are two popular sites that often have great deals. You can often contact customer service and explain you’ll be celebrating your special day, and they may help you upgrade your reservation.

Decide what dress you will wear. If you want to wear something you own already or get something new for the ceremony, there are many places to shop on the strip. You may want to coordinate part of your dress, such as jewels, with your groom’s suit or tie. Remember, you’ll be taking pictures and will want to remember your wedding forever.

Choose a chapel. has a list of wedding chapels in the area. You can browse the websites of the various chapels and call ahead to ask questions about everything from pricing to witnesses to the ceremony itself. Be sure that the chapel you book offers all the amenities you want, such as photographs or video of the ceremony.