Lauren’s Chocolate Coated Celebration

Lauren’s Chocolate Coated Celebration

Any celebration based on a chocolate theme is bound to be a big hit, and Lauren’s chocolate coated Bar Mitzvah is the perfect example for this. After all, who doesn’t love chocolate? Tariko Kendallof Whimzey Events, who planned Lauren’s milestone event, worked with a fantastic chocolate and turquoise color theme. The result was a party as delightful as it’s theme. Join me as I take you through the pictures of this fantastic celebration.


Here is the signature print created specially for this event. Lauren’s name and the event details are etched in turquoise on a rich chocolate label, while concentric circular motifs dance all over the plain white background. This print appears everywhere throughout the party, as you will soon see!


Swirling turquoise circles decorate custom placecards with a glittering blue border. They are arranged in neat rows on the entry table. The placecards display names and table numbers in cursive letters on a curly white label.


This tiered display is a drop box for wishes and messages. It has sparkling brown and blue boxes with polka dot ribbons along the center. While a pretty “L” decorates the top tier, the bottom tier displays the event name in style.


Guests are welcome to sign their names and write wishes on a white poster board featuring the custom logo in the center.


Rows and rows of chocolate-covered goodies beckon guests to the sweet buffet. With chocolate covered graham crackers, Oreos, chocolate covered scoops and many more, I’m sure the guests were spoiled for choice.


I am really impressed by the details Tariko has used here. Chocolate-dipped biscuits have a drizzling of blue sauce that perfectly match the color palette.


Round tables are dressed up to perfection, with towering table lamps customized with the signature label created for this event. Strings of silver rings drop down, creating a magical harmony of textures. The chocolate-colored napkins sit atop blue striped table linen, and form the perfect accessories for this color scheme.


On the kids table, the colors for the napkins and table covers are reversed. The centerpiece features tall candle jars decorated with a theme ribbon.


Isn’t it amazing how these blue Gerberas add luxurious textural details to the embellished holder, and complement the silver twigs beautifully? It is part of another spectacular centerpiece used at the party.


The pale colors in the cheese bar contrast beautifully with the rich chocolate backdrop and turquoise floral streamers on them.  With details that look great and treats that were delicious, Lauren’s Bar Mitzvah had everything to make it a memorable event!