Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Lego has been around for over 50 years and still remains a best-selling toy, so it is no wonder that you are in need of Lego birthday party ideas.  It is such a popular theme and so much fun to create invitations, decorations and food with these wonderful blocks.    Our greatest inspiration comes from Jasmine of Idea! Event + Style.  You will see a number of her photos below with some fabulous ideas.

Lego Invitations: Jasmine created her own invites with a clear box, party details note, and six pieces of Lego to represent the age of the guest of honor.   The background of the invitation looks has the Lego circles and the birthday information is displayed in blocks.

Another invitation option is to create your own Logo Blocks with a rectangular piece of construction paper with six circles glued on top of it.    There also lots of Lego images of online, so it isn’t too tricky to print out an invitation of your own on card stock.     Finally, if you don’t have much time, you can always order these cute invitations with your child’s photo:

Lego Food: Jasmine made these Lego cheese sandwiches that look so authentic.   I love her  idea to cut the bread in rectangles with circles on top.  You could probably do this with other foods, like baked goods using M&Ms as the circles on top of a rectangular piece of cake, frosted brownie or cookie.

These Lego vanilla push pops are so cute and colorful.  The simple sign, which  identifies what they are, also has a Lego block glued on it for decoration.

Lego Birthday Cake:   What’s a birthday party without a cake?  What makes the one below especially easy, is that it is just a regular cake with Lego candles.   You can find similar ones online by searching “lego birthday cake candles” or “Blokz candles.”   I really like that the cake tray is placed on an actual Lego flat tray.  The ribbon bordering the cake add extra color.

Lego Party Activities:  What else do you do at a Lego party, but play with them. A big plastic box or bin filled with Lego’s will certainly keep your guests busy building for hours.  How much easier does it get?  Give each child a flat Lego board and watch the fun begin.  I like how Jasmine put some foam rubbery type of place mat under each Lego board to keep it from slipping.

Lego Favors: An extremely creative woman named Nan had a great Lego party and gave away brick necklaces.  She drilled a little hole into a single brick and threaded a silver necklace wire through it.  My son loves his.