Life is a Party if you Love Yourself – Spiritual Life Center – Ferndale Michigan

Life is a Party if you Love Yourself – Spiritual Life Center – Ferndale Michigan

This is a party blog, but I was so inspired by a presentation about how to love yourself, given by Reverend Michael Copado from the Spiritual Life Center, I decided to share his 15 tips.    That way your life will be a party, whether or not you are attending one.

1. Begin your day with love (not technology). It is so easy to get up and immediately run to your computer, maybe check your email or Facebook.  Instead, Rev. Capado suggests that you lie in bed and enjoy think about what makes you happy, what you are grateful for, or just enjoy the sensation of being in a soft bed.

2. Talk yourself happy. We often think about the past and future anticipated pain and problems.  However, if you can think about what sincerely makes you happy or an enjoyable anticipated event, you will elevate your state of happiness and love.

3. Get emotionally honest. Every thing is fine…no really. Allowing yourself to feel ALL emotions, even the negative ones, will allow you to move through them more quickly.

4. Expand your interests. Give yourself the gift of doing something new and you become more engaged in life and all of it’s wonders.  Maybe it is a new hobby or just a single experience, it will surely make you more interested and interesting.

5. Become willing to surrender.

6. Own your potential. Realize that thinking without boundaries and “I can’ts” will allow you to unlock your true potential.

7. Be patient with yourself. Mistakes often lead to learning and growth and we all make them.  Allow yourself to fail and don’t expect perfection.

8. Live in appreciation. Being grateful is one of the most powerful ways to love yourself and others.

9. Be guided by your intuition. Some people call it “your gut”,   others call it source energy, but your intuition can offer powerful clues to understanding the world.

10. Do what honors and respects you.

11. Forgive yourself.

12. Discover the power of fun. Isn’t life about happiness?  Reverend Michael quoted the founder of Outward Bound: ” The opposite of play is not work, it is depression.   Find laughter and fun in all aspects of your life.

13. Be real. This is very similar to being emotionally honest.

14. Become aware of self neglect and rejection.

15. Imagine what your life would look like if you believed in your worth. Since thoughts come first, then beliefs, and finally actions, why not start with visioning how you see your ideal life.  Even doing this with specific aspects of your life from finances and romance to career, is very powerful and the first step in making your dreams a reality.

The 15 tips were provided by Reverand Michael.  I embellished the tips with his or my examples.

The Spiritual Life Center in Ferndale Michigan is a welcoming and inclusive interfaith spiritual center enjoying inspirational, fun and heartwarming Sunday morning presentations.