Luau Food with a Hawaiian Theme

Luau Food with a Hawaiian Theme

If you’re planning on throwing a Hawaiian theme party, the luau food will probably be the main attraction.   Home entertainer Michelle Taylor did a beautiful job of taking general party dishes and giving them a luau flair. The bread on the spinach dip has an opening in the shape of a flower. The egg salad has a green floral garnish and the egg quarters bordering the bowl, giving the dish an additional floral feel.

Fish, beef, and chicken are popular luau dishes, and they can be accompanied by a number of fresh fruits, including kebobs using pineapples, melons, raspberries, grapes and strawberries. Consider preparing your food in a teriyaki glaze. (Grilling any of the above meats, as well as pineapples and vegetables, on wooden skewers allows guests to take the perfect portion.) You can also include a salad bar for vegetarian options. Finally, don’t forget the potato bar! Include sweet potatoes and either mashed or baked potatoes with a number of topping options like bacon, chives, butter, sour cream, honey, and brown sugar.

A colorful way to dress up your tables, these rainbow fruit kebobs make the perfect addition to your luau.

Add a few kebobs and a paper umbrella and you have a melon carving more than ideal for your Hawaiian party.   Here is another fun creation by Michelle Taylor.

Here are some additional ideas for hosting the ideal luau party:

Decorations:  You’ll want your decorations to have a bright island feel. Neon colors, such as hot pink, bright blue, and various shades of yellow, are quite common. You can even purchase tablecloths that have prints of hibiscus flowers on them. (You may choose these in one color or alternate colors throughout the room.) If you have bright tablecloths, be sure to choose solid colored utensils and plates. Line the room with tiki torches, even if they’re unlit. (Some places offer torches that have colored paper in the form of a flame for indoor parties.) Also, remember that fresh flowers should adorn the room wherever possible. You may wish to put vases with colorful floral arrangements on the gift table or use them as centerpieces on each small table. If they’re available, give guests leis of fresh or plastic flowers when they enter the room. Not only will this make them feel festive, but it will brighten the whole area along with the other decorations!

Entertainment: Have island music playing in the background throughout the party, and particularly while your guest(s) of honor open gifts for the new baby. If there will be young children present, you may wish to have a piñata for them or even host a dance contest. Just be sure to provide them with grass skirts! Everyone at the party can cast their vote for the winner. Prizes can then be handed out to the winner and runner(s) up.