Monkey Birthday Party

Monkey Birthday Party

Children and monkeys have a lot in common, so hosting a monkey birthday party will certainly have your guests going ape.  Alexis of  The Pear – Event Styling and Planning offers some some great ideas and tips that parents can use to pull off a perfect monkey theme celebration.   She was kind enough to share her secrets and the following wonderful photos.

Dessert table – Any event will always have a center of attention, and in this case, it is the monkey dessert table.   This is where Alexis placed all the sumptuous sweet treats. At the very center is the monkey cake, surrounded by other delicacies such as the “Oreo Monkey Cake Pops,” “Whirly Pop,” M&Ms, Banana Taffy, Vanilla Cupcakes, Hayden ice cream, banana bread and more!

Oreo Monkey Cake Pops – Cake pops are always a favorite treat. For your monkey birthday party, you can give them a fresh twist by shaping them into monkey heads. This design will surely capture the attention of your guests and things will only get better once the treat literally melts in their mouth and they can taste the heavenly Oreo chocolate.

Monkey Cupcakes – The vanilla cupcakes are very easy to bake. Top them off with some squish of white icing and a monkey design and no one will be able to resist them.

Cake – Of course, no birthday party is complete without the birthday cake. A basic white two layered cake adorned with yellow and red dots on one side and topped with a smiling cute monkey holding a banana will inevitably be a guest favorite. And since monkeys love bananas, you can also put some real bananas on the side of the cake to make it look more inviting.

Sugar cookies – Sugar cookies are the perfect treats for those with a sweet tooth and eating them will be more fun when they are shaped like that of a smiling monkey’s face. Easy to bake and prepare, these cookies are delicious and incorporate your theme.

Banana bread – Monkeys and humans alike love banana bread.  There are so many tasty recipes, you can’t go wrong with just about any of them.  Slice the bread and just place it in a tray along the other sweet treats.

Other Tips:

Red, yellow, and white colors can be perfectly combined to create a festive atmosphere, not to mention that they are also pleasing and easy to the eyes. Since kids will be the main stars in this birthday party, you can set up a coloring table and put everything they might need on it. You can use ordinary white and yellow flowers as centerpieces placed in small jars. You can also prepare some birthday hats that have the same red and yellow motif.

Monkey Favors – Your guests will remember that your party was as much fun as a barrel of monkeys when they leave with just that…a barrel of monkeys.

These are only a few great ideas that will surely make your monkey birthday party a real blast or I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!