Monkey Invitations for Birthday Party or Baby Shower

Monkey Invitations for Birthday Party or Baby Shower

Whether you are having a baby shower or party, you have many options for either creating or purchasing monkey invitations. We will take you through finding:
1. Printed invitations
2. Free printable templates for invitations
3. Fill-in-the-blank invitations
4. Invitations that you create
5. Free online monkey invitations

Monkey Invitations Pre-Printed

Pre-printed monkey invitations are so convenient and take very little effort to create. It is especially helpful to order ones that allow you to see a proof before placing the order. You can find some cute ones for about a dollar.

Printable Monkey Invitations Template – Free

If you are looking to save money, you can opt for monkey invitations that you create online and print on your own paper. The website offers printable monkey invitations that you create from a template. generally charges a small membership fee, but it just so happens that the monkey design is free!

You can create your own template using monkey clip art found on Google Images.

Monkey Invites – Fill In The Blank

Fill in the blank monkey invites have the advantage of being mass-produced, thus cheaper. Your cost generally is under a dollar.  Of course you can even get less expensive invitations by purchasing jungle theme paper and creating your own invitations using your computer.

Free Monkey Invitations

This adorable monkey invitation shown can be easily created by you, thanks to Sabrina from the blog Sabby in Suburbia. She offers a link as well as instructions to create invitations using PowerPoint.

One of the easiest ways to notify your guests is with an online invitation. Evite allows you to do just that and offers a zoo and sock money design.  Simply type these two terms in the search bar.  Using Evite also allows guests to RSVP online. Some of the design choices also allow you to upload images of the guest of honor. My favorite part is that it is free.

Homemade Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

You don’t have to be crafty to make your own invitations.  All it takes is cutting construction paper and printing and attaching the actual invitation to the paper.   To make a monkey shape think of a circle for the head with two mini half circles for the ears.  You can adapt this technique to just about any shape, even a banana.  Directions for this easy homemade  invites can be found on Coolest Party  There are very simple step by step instructions for a monkey invitation.  When making your own invitations, you can also use a generic shape with a few pre-made monkey decorations.   Cut out monkeys from wrapping paper, stickers, ribbons, and rubber stamps.