Mustache Baby Shower and Party Ideas

Mustache Baby Shower and Party Ideas

If you are on the lookout for inspiration for a mustache baby shower  or  kid’s party with an interesting twist, you should visit Hugo’s Mustache full moon celebration party. This party was held in honor of little Hugo turning a month old and was designed by Thanh T from Sweet Event Styling. Thanh has made the whole party a lot more fun by basing the theme around a fun mustache. Let us take a look at what was in store for Hugo and the guests.

The buffet is a smart spread of blue and white, punctuated with silver accents. Notice how funny little moustaches appear everywhere. The print in the backdrop almost resembles a face with the moustache completing the effect. Tall jars with bright blue sweets border the central arrangement. The tiered display of macaroons in blue, white and brown, with shimmery gold centres look exquisite and delicious.  More silver sweets adorn the bottom layer and individual white frames are used to spell out HUGO in blue and white. Little moustaches find their way into the frames too. This entire buffet is unique because of the presence of this single element. It has been cleverly incorporated into elements throughout the table, including the straws accompanying the water bottles.

Stacks of milk chocolates wrapped in customized theme wrappers in blue and white stripes make an interesting and tasty addition to the spread.

Rich, glossy blue and white candy peep out of white bowls with interesting details. These stand tall behind an array of silver sweets in tubes stacked next to each other. The lettering in the frames are an interesting addition and fit into the space perfectly. The arrangement looks very neat and well-organized.

The wordings, “You’re funSTACHEtic” on the party favours is amusing. What an ingenious selection of words that makes it so much fun and in keeping with the main theme of the party.

The welcome sign asks guests to pen few words for the little baby on his special day. The selection of words is just perfect and the little plaque on the wooden leg is endearing, yet interesting.

These wish cards are a wonderful idea. They look like round full moon faces with a mustache. The guests would have loved to use them to share their heartfelt wishes with the little hero of the day.  Someday in the future, Hugo will undoubtedly smile when he sets his eyes on them.

Hugo is just a month old, and the adorable blue booties remind us of this. What a dear little décor element! The simple water bottles allow you to “wet your whiskers”. They are complete with straws that have plastic mustaches attached to them,which stand in bold attention and look charming. It couldn’t look any better than this.

We are very grateful to Thanh T for sharing the pictures of this special celebration with us. The idea of adding a fun mustache into a blue and white color theme, and the way it has been executed is remarkable and inspiring.

If you need mustache baby shower favors, here are some cute ones: