Mustache Baby Shower for your Little Man

Mustache Baby Shower for your Little Man

Emily from Remarkable Home offers inspiration, ideas and items for a wonderful “Little Man” Baby Shower complete with Mustache decorations and food items.  In this Little Man baby shower, you can see that the hosts chose a color scheme and stuck with it.  Enjoy these great photos to help you create a perfect shower:

Little Man Cupcakes: As this picture shows, not only are cupcakes a wonderful treat for guests, but the table can be a decoration too!  Ribbon adorned trays have been placed in the center of the table.  You can see that cupcakes have been placed on two of the trays, complete with frosting dyed to match the decorations.  Decorative picks have also been placed in each cupcake, complete with phrases such as “little man,” “oh boy,” or even pictures of a mustache.

Mustache Decorations: In addition to beautiful flowers sitting in glass vases (and tied with similar ribbon as that found on the dessert table), Emily has also created a unique and beautiful garland to hang across the window.  While this garland spells out “Oh boy,” you can choose any quotation for your garland.  Onesies matching the shower theme look adorable and can then be taken home by the mom-to-be.  Each of the signs or onesies can be attached to the garland with colorful ribbon or clothespins.

Food Table: The foods chosen for this party tie the whole theme together.  From the “cigars” (which are actually chocolate dipped pretzel rods) to the chocolate mustache lollipops, all of the goodies remind adults of childhood.  Bow tie cookies are easy to make with a cookie cuter and black sugar.  The food is also divided into individual servings, so that guests can easily grab some food while mingling.

A bow tie pasta salad is such a clever way to bring in the Little Man theme into your food table.  You can use bow tie noodles for cold salads, like the one shown below, or in tomato-based Italian dishes.

To top everything off, cups and plates are printed with the mustache found on many of the other decorations.  The plates are actually stamped with a mustache and the clear cups have a vinyl sticker on each one.  These stickers are for sale on Remarkable Home along with many other cute items from this baby shower.

Hanging Decorations:   Carry your mustache or little man theme into your hanging decorations.   You will find ideas about how to create these colorful decorations and other inspirational ideas on ReMarkable Home.

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