Nautical Baby Shower

Nautical Baby Shower

If you’re planning a baby shower, the perfect way to throw an ideal party is by concentrating on a theme.  One popular theme for baby showers is a nautical theme, which is perfect for either a boy or girl.  Keep these ideas in mind for hosting a successful party:

Invitations: Set the stage for your party with the invitations.  Perhaps you’d like to have them be in the shape of a boat or life preserver.  Fun sayings, such as “Baby on Board,” can adorn the outside.  You may also provide guests with a ticket inside the invitation.  This “ticket to board” can welcome them to the party and be used for a door prize raffle.

Decorations: This nautical baby shower, by Lynlee’s Petite Cakes, is filled with unique and creative ideas for a dessert table,  namely the anchor floating in the sea of coffee filters.   There are so many treats for the eyes and the stomach and we will take a look at some of them in more detail.

Lifesaver donuts and milk is displayed in jars bordered by burlap and a cute ribbon.  Lynlee also served lemon custard with blueberries in hollowed out lemons.  No doubt they were a hit.

Be sure to visit Lynlees Petite for many more details about how she created this baby shower as well as a way to find some of the products she used.

Indoor Decorations: Whether you choose to make guests feel as though they are on the deck of a ship or out at sea, you’ll want them to escape into a nautical wonderland.  Line the walls with blue sheets with silver accents.  Include lines of rope throughout the room, and line the walls with nets, complete with brightly colored fish.

Your decorations can also serve as your place card holders and party favors.  Here are some ideas from Cute for items that your guests will love to take home.

Main Dish Food: While some of your food may involve, like shrimp tacos or crab cakes, you can also maintain your theme in other foods as well.  (This is particularly important for guests with allergies.)  For instance, you can have cookies in the shape of various sea creatures, like whales and octopuses.  You can also cut sandwiches into fish shapes or into sailboats.  (Place brightly colored paper on a toothpick and stick them in each sandwich as the sail for added decoration.)