Nautical First Birthday Party

Nautical First Birthday Party

All aboard as we sail to Saahil’s nautical  first birthday party! Jasmine of IDEA! Event+Style shares the pictures of the sea-worthy party, so jump on board and join the crew on this voyage. Anchors Away!

The party invitations are in classic nautical style with a slanting black and white stripe background for lettering in black and grey. A vintage grey anchor strung to a ribbon in red and white stripes is a befiting addition.

This nautical party has the color theme of red, white and blue. Water bottles have been customized for the occasion with compass prints on a background of slanting stripes in black and white. Plates are in bright red and a string with adorable white ring buoys replace rings on the navy blue napkins.

Isn’t this a wonderful message to the birthday boy? It has been displayed beautifully too! The printing in dark green and fiery red stand against a base of slanting stripes in grey and white. The red anchor ushers the theme of the party into picture. This board occupies its position beside the crisp white activity bags for the sailors at the party.

Here’s a brilliant party activity for the nautical theme. The little guests are supplied their own boat making kits. Extra care has been taken to customize the bags with lettering in red on white labels with a sailboat logo.

The centerpiece which is complete with stays,mast and sails has a rustic charm. It is anchored in a glass container with an assortment of authentic beach pebbles and shells. By setting it against a wooden pole, the ambience is of a table on a sea-faring cruise deck. The sea-faring effect has been perfectly replicated.

Cute jello cups in blue bring the vivid color of the ocean waters to the party. The little strawberry boats with a straw flag are consistent with the central color theme.

Glasses customized with a whimsical  silver sail boat label serve beverages. A printed straw flag embellishes the party straw in grey and white.

Now, here’s a birthday cake in true sailor style. It is a celebration of red, white and orange against calm blue. Lifesaving ring buoys and a fun sail-ship anchor at the base of the cake. A nautical rope adds an accent of orange to the top tier and loops across the designer anchor. Sailor teddy sits at the helm.A vintage steering wheel forms the perfect accessory on the maze of blue and white in the backdrop.

Sweet sea shell cookies and nautical rope sweets welcome the little guests. The sea shells are spread on an aquarium that replicates the abundance of conches and shells on the ocean floor. The nautical ropes tied together with blue and white ribbons are an interesting depiction of the tranquil sea waters and the abundant colors of sea life.

Land Ahoy! Here, we come to the end of our journey across the seas, and its time to bank ashore. Thank you Jasmine,for sharing this wonderful nautical experience with us.

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