Nautical Theme Christening

Nautical Theme Christening

A nautical theme party is perfect to celebrate love for the blue seas and sailing. Kelli Cohen and Michelle Vasiliou of MARABOUS created an opulent Christening party on this theme, for a little boy belonging to a family of sea lovers. She has been wonderful to share the pictures of this grand event with us.  You can see the full party by clicking the MARABOUS link above.


A three-tiered spectacular cake with a sailor teddybear on deck stands tall and magnificent. Each tier is embellished with elements of the oceans; twisted ropes, an anchor with the initials of the baby boy that steadies the base and yachts and buoys floating in the deep blue ocean. The bright blue and red colors stand out against the subtle blue of the perfectly sculpted smooth cake base.


Guests are treated to picture perfect cookies, ones that look too beautiful to eat! The detailing on all the batches are exquisite and every element is rich with sea-faring goodness. Red forms the perfect backdrop for golden anchors while brightly colored buoys tumble on a blue wavy base. Cookies with compass prints encased by ropes complete the interesting assortment.

Guest seating

The seating arrangement is neatly displayed on a white board with the seat allocation printed on the sails of yachts in blue, red and grey.


Creamy white lollipop snails with navy stripes tumble through the satin waves of a brilliant blue ocean of ribbons. This vivid design is housed in stylish white vases complete with a silky satin blue bow and embellished with a golden button. A transparent placeholder with the table number printed on a card in nautical color stripes adds the finishing touches to the arrangement. What a unique centerpiece!

Dessert Table

The dessert table is filled with nautical theme treats as well as boat inspired objects.  Items include blue cake pops, sea theme wrapped candy bars, clear jars with candy and nautical cookies.

Kelli has done a great job in recreating the magic of the seas and this awe-inspiring party would have undoubtedly provided the guests an experience of the oceans that they won’t easily forget.

For nautical favors, you don’t have to look far.  Cute   has some great ones:

Nautical Favor Bags made of muslin is perfect for turning any treat into one with a  nautical feel. Another way to do so is to use  nautical favor boxes shown below.