New Baby Shower Favors

New Baby Shower Favors

Practicality rules when it comes to the  collection of Kate Aspen new wedding favors and new baby shower favors.    Here are some of my favorites:

Star Bookmarks – Although this is technically offered as a baby shower favor, it would be great for any movie or Hollywood theme events.    It comes boxed, wrapped and tagged.

Button Frame – This is such a colorful and fun favor.  Guests will be able to display their own photos with in it.  These new baby shower frames will also dress up your tables during the event.

Jungle Baby Shower Favors Candle – Animal theme showers are quite popular and these cute candles make great table decorations.    The only drawback is that they are not especially practical, so f you like more practical jungle theme favors,  make and decorate batch of jungle cookies.    Here are some baking tips.

Baby Shower Paper Favors – This tops my list when it comes to usefulness, as everyone finds themselves looking for a pen and paper.    A baby design on the paper cube and white ribbon make the item especially decorative.    You can also purchase colorful paper, white ribbon and make the same type of item.  Stationary stores and discount chains like target sell paper at a good price.

Baby Block Favors Spreader – This is a nice combination of a baby theme and functional item.  It will certainly jump out of any silverware drawer when your guests need a spreader.

Teddy Bear Jars