New Wedding Favors from Kate Aspen

New Wedding Favors from Kate Aspen

The end of the year is the time that favor suppliers use to introduce new wedding favors.  This 2011 collection is especially nice because just about all of the items are useful.  Here are some of my favors:

Wedding Ring Favors Coasters – Contemporary engagement and wedding designs grace these coasters.    If you are looking for a favor that symbolizes marriage and is actually useful, these coasters are right on target.

Flip Flop Bottle Opener – This favor incorporates three of my favorite qualities.
1.   It is something guests will use.
2.  It is sturdy,  made of brushed metal.
3.  It is presented well with cute packaging.

Eiffel Tower Party Favors Bottle Opener – This is especially nice if you are having a French or Paris theme wedding.  It is functional and also fits well into a themed event.  As just about all Kate Aspen favors, the packaging is elegant,  so  you don’t have to do any work on the presentation.

Jam Wedding Favors – Most guests like edible items and these jam favors are nice choices for many reasons.  First, they store well, unopened and don’t require consumption immediately.    They also taste very good and can be used on a variety of breads.