New Years Eve Party

New Years Eve Party

It is December 31st and you are probably doing one of three things:
1.  Hosting a New Years Eve party
2.  Going to a party
3.  Avoiding going to a party and relaxing at home

If you happen to be attending or hosting a  celebration, here are some great ideas and photos by the queen of miniature treats, Norene of Party Pinching.

The gold backdrop immediately caught my attention.  It looks so professional, yet it is left over Christmas paper Norene had on hand.  Not only would this paper be perfect for a New Years eve bash, but a 50th anniversary party as well.  Of course, you could always change the color for any occasion, like pastel blue for a boy baby shower, white for a wedding shower, or pink for a Sweet 16 party.

Champagne Display– There are so many ways that Norene creatively dressed up her table.  From the pretty gold tray and gold doilies to the glasses filled with champagne and strawberries, everything looks so elegant.  The cupcakes, decorated with a strawbery and star sit on top of each glass.  Guests can’t help but reach for one of these lovely treats.

New Years Sweet Treat – Norene really shines when creating anything “mini.”  Who could imagine that a simple marshmallow pop could be transformed into an elegant clock.  By the way the clock is made of a Necco wafer.  To get detailed instructions, be sure to visit    You can also find a link to this New Years display above.

Party Hat Cookies – White chocolate dipped Oreo’s alone would be impressive as a dessert, topped with a silver “hat”, they are perfect for a New Years Eve or birthday party.

New Years Munchies – Everyone loves popcorn, especially if it is drizzled with melted candy.  The display is festive, as the popcorn is placed inside of a large martini glass with gold shooting stars coming from the base.

Strawberries for All – While the huge champagne glass filled with strawberries in on the back of the table, it is still pretty spectacular.  The shiny beads on the bottom of the glass look just like bubbles.

Not Just for New Years Eve – All of these ideas can be used for other events, and would be particularly appropriate for a golden anniversary, gold theme wedding, or formal birthday party.    If you would would like to find party ideas for other holidays and occasions, be sure to visit