New York Themed Party

New York Themed Party

I love a New York themed party!   Even if you can’t bring all your friends to the Big Apple, you can transport NYC to them.    It is an ideal theme for everything from a birthday or corporate party to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.   Party Perfect Orlando planned what appears to be an unforgettable event with some great ideas.     Here are some of their fabulous photos to inspire you to host your own bash to celebrate the “City that Never Sleeps.”   I love how guests were given a proper New York welcome with a line of cabs waiting for them with table seating place cards.

We happen to sell the exact same diecast taxi cabs here.

Here are some additional New York place card holders.

Here is a wide shot showing how the cabbie place card holders were displayed.   The guest of honor’s name was spelled out as graffiti on a brick wall display resting on a circular slab of concrete.  The table with the unique place card holders was situated right near the entrance, so that the cabbies would be the first thing that guests would see.  What a fun way to give a hint of things to come.

Party Perfect Orlando did a marvelous job recreating the bright lights of New York City and skyline.

The skyline was also incorporated into the table decoration like these great personalized candles and table numbers.

What’s a NYC theme party without a newspaper and candy stand?  The backdrop is perfect and the candy bar is very creative with everything from candy dots and Milk Duds to pixie sticks and gumballs.

Graffiti decorations are everywhere and stragegically placed around the room.  While the graffiti signs shown below are very professional looking, this is something that you could do yourself.  It would also be fun to include the guest of honor and his or her friends in the creation of the signs.  It could be an activity that is done at the actual party as well.

The generous candy bar could easy be the guest gifts, however, if you are looking for some great NY theme party favors, here are some ideas.  These cookies represent all of the traditional images of NYC, from an apple  and T Shirt with I Love New York  decorations to a cookie cab.  Custom mint tins are another option, where you can personalize a label with the view of the skyline to include the guest(s) of honor’s names and celebrations.  Finally you can personalized a mug with a section for apples, the Statue of Liberty and more theme trinkets.