Nurse Graduation Party or Doctor Theme Party

Nurse Graduation Party or Doctor Theme Party

If you are in need of creative ideas for a nurse graduation party, doctor theme party or medical school celebration, you can find them right here.    My sister-in-law is a nurse and I was surfing the web for unique ideas for her upcoming birthday as well as a graduation party for a friend.  Fortunately, I came across Victoria’s website Vixen   She was kind enough to let me share photos of her medical theme birthday party with you.

This is the only party I have seen where it is fitting to use a wrinkled blue shower curtain or sheet as a backdrop.  That detail alone made me laugh because it resembled  a hospital room.  The skeletal system diagram is also a riot.

There are so many fun medical theme treats.   Victoria took a ordinary marshmallows and transformed them into cotton balls.  A standard covered glass container was dressed up with red striped ribbon and official looking sign.

She also created some unique white chocolate dipped pretzels to resemble a thermometer.

And what’s a medical theme party without some clogged arteries made from red licorice?  How about some white chocolate covered red cross Oreo’s?   You can be sure that with these great concepts and simple execution, your next hospital party is sure to be talked about for a long time.

This party is the only prescription needed for lifting one’s spirits.  But these cute cups filled with pills (jelly beans) on a plastic tray sure add to the great theme.

Thanks again to Victoria for the creative ideas.  But the creativity isn’t only for party planning pursuits, she also designs  jewelry sold on her Etsy Shop Vixen Made Follow her blog and you may see a jewelry give-away every now and then.  I just missed one for a cute white flower ring.

Don’t forget the favors for your your guests including chocolate aspirin, nurse cookies, custom mint tins, brain pens, and a teddy bear medic cookie.


If you are looking for other ideas for your medical party, consider:

*Prescription bottles with candy inside
*Syringes with strawberry mousse inside and paper cups in which to squirt it. (I guess that the strawberry color represents blood.)
*Giving each guest a hospital bracelet as they arrive and a mini first aid kit as they leave
* Bloody Mary drinks

Please leave a comment with your ideas.  Let us know if you have every planned this type of event and the items or activities that were most popular with your guests.