Olympics Decorations

Olympics Decorations

With the summer games in London being so popular, you can be sure that there will be plenty of Olympic theme parties.   If you are looking for Olympic decorations, we offer lots of ideas as well as some great photos from a professional event planner to get your creative juices flowing.

1.  Medals – A key part of the Olympics, medals are a great way to decorate your tables as well as your guests’ necks.  Chocolate medals tend to be loved by all.  However, you can create your own with dough and craft paint,  laminated paper, foil, or any lightweight substance that allows for hole to be punched in the top.   Giving medals for funny qualities in your friends and family is also

2. Rings –  The most recognized symbol of the Olympic games is the set of five rings.   Each color represents a part of the world which sends representatives to compete in the games.   Red stands for the United States, blue for Europe, black for Africa, yellow for Asia, and green for Oceania (a region that includes Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding islands.)  Edible rings are the most popular party decoration and can easily be made into delicious treats.  We found these beautiful Olympic ring cookies on Bird’s Party.  Other edible ideas include: donuts frosted with each of the ring colors; cupcakes with five M&M’s; and colored bowls with food representing each of the five ring colors.  This could be a bowl of blueberries, cherries, green grapes, licorice, and lemon drops.

Other ring decorations can be made from paper and cloth. Take a look at this wonderful Olympic party created by Bird of Bird’s Party.  You will not only find ring decorations, but also many more ideas for a dessert table.

3.  Torches – These can be easily made with a paper cone made of construction or any thick paper.  The flame is often made from either tissue or cellophane paper in gold, red and orange.  Another option is to use a gold candle order or stand, like the one shown above and add tissue paper “flames”  to it.

4.  Flags: With so many countries participating in the Olympics, displaying their flags is a meaningful  way add color to your party.  You can find lots of flag images simply by looking for them on Google.   Making them from construction paper is a fun craft for kids and a way for them to participate in the decorating process.  Bird’s Party also provides a variety of Olympic pintables for everything from ticket invitations to the cupcake toppers shown.