Ornament Wedding Favors

Ornament Wedding Favors

For your wedding, you’ll want to leave guests with a small souvenir that will last a lifetime.  Ornaments make perfect gifts, as they are taken out and displayed yearly.   Whether you choose to purchase or make them, here are a few of the many  options and types of ornaments:

Personalized  Ornaments

  • Acrylic – The most popular type of personalized ornament because it is almost impossible to break it.   A ball ornament is the most traditional at a wedding, but the flat ornament shown in the first picture is gaining in popularity because of the low price.

  • Glass Ball – Glass offers brides an elegant choice.  Like the acrylic ornament, you have many graphic options, from standard holiday images to monograms or your own design.  They come boxed and ready to give.

Shapes – Some brides opt for shaped ornaments like snowflakes, angels and crosses.

DIY – Another option is to create your own ornament wedding favors using some ideas below:

The Ornaments: Plain colored ornaments come in many shapes and sizes.  You can choose solid glass or plastic bulbs in any color from white to indigo to silver.  While you may wish to stick with standard globe shaped ornaments, you could also choose spirals or a more unique design.  For instance, if you and your soon to be spouse love birds, you can decorate bird ornaments for your guests.

Color Scheme: Choose ornaments and paint or decals that match the wedding decorations but will look good on anyone’s tree.  This means that even if you have a neon colored wedding, you should choose a more neutral base for the ornament itself and then accentuate with some of the brighter colors.  Remember that if you place a favor at each guest’s seat at the reception, this will add to the table decorations and brighten the entire room.

Personalization: Whether you choose to attach a small tag to each ornament or write on them with a paint pen, you should include the date of the event, including the year.  You may also choose to include the names (or initials) of the bride and groom.  Or, for a truly unique ornament, paste a small picture of the bride and groom on each one, decorating around it and including a ‘thank you’ to everyone for celebrating your special day.  (For a classy look, use a black and white photograph and decorate with metallic paint.)

Clear Globes – Many brides purchase clear glass balls and insert items in them related to their wedding. For example, for a beach wedding, you can insert shells, colored sand or blue and green glass stones.