Owl Baby Shower

Owl Baby Shower

If you’re throwing a party for a mommy to be, consider having an owl baby shower theme.  This is particularly useful if the couple either doesn’t know or wishes to keep secret whether they are having a boy or a girl.  Owl themes can be very neutral colored, or you can make pink or blue owls.  We offer a variety of ideas to creating a perfect owl themed baby shower.    One of my favorite owl baby showers is from Creative Momma’s shown below.

The use of nature is evident in this baby shower.  Simple branches within a clear vase is an easy way to decorate.   Feathers in a glass container filled with round hard objects, like stones, are also a great addition to the food table decor.  The sweet printables on the napkin rings, cupcakes, stirrers, and lollipops really make the owl theme pop.

Owl Baby Shower Decorations: Who would have guessed that creating your own owl baby shower decorations could be so easy, using household objects?   I found these adorable owls made with cupcake liners and more on the blog: Amelie’s House. You will find a step-by-step tutorial on the site.

Wall hangings: Create owls out of paper mache in any number of colors, or purchase small owl figures from your local craft store.  Then “perch” them on small sticks that you place on the wall.  If you’d like, you can even take owl stuffed animals and set them throughout the room or hang them from the ceiling on clear plastic wire.  You can then send these toys home with any young shower guests.

Table settings: Whether you’re serving a meal or appetizers and dessert, you’ll want the table settings to serve as decorations at your celebration.  Place each napkin inside an owl napkin holder, and consider using owl charms on any stemware.  Name cards can also be set at each seat, with an owl sticker and the words “whoooo’s sitting here?” Finally, place a cookie or cupcake decorated like an owl on each plate to greet guests when they arrive.  If you don’t have much time for creating decorations,  here are some great ready-made owl place settings:

Owl Centerpieces: Place a stick “nest” in the center of each table and fill it with brightly colored chocolate eggs.  Then place a large owl on top of each nest.  You can form these owls from any cloth or paper.  You may also be able to find ceramic owls if you’d prefer.