Owl Birthday Party Kids Table

Owl Birthday Party Kids Table

For your next owl-themed birthday party, consider decorating your tables with fun activities.    Deanna from Mirabelle Creations put together this wonderful kids table that was actually designed for a Thanksgiving celebration, but could easily be used for a birthday celebration.   Here are some of her great ideas:

Owl Theme Centerpieces: To add a splash of color to each table, as well as give the kids an activity to do during the party, create interactive centerpieces.  Take large glass vases and fill them three quarters of the way with pebbles or colorful stones.  Then place small branches in the pebbles.  For the activity, cut out heart shaped “ornaments” from colorful construction paper, punch a hole in them, and tie a small piece of string to each one.  (Choose colors that match your other decorations, as this clever planner did with orange and brown.)  Have the children decorate the ornaments and hang them on the branches.

You may also tie a small string around each napkin and place one of your heart cut-outs in the string.  An owl decoration will complete this look.  Name cards, complete with a small owl sticker, can be placed at each table setting as well.  Deanna also decided to use these ornaments as  places for each child to write something for which they were thankful.

Place settings: Just as Deanna did, create an owl shaped holder for your silverware.  (This can be made of paper or plastic, depending on your preference.)    You will also notice that each place mat is a printable coloring page that kids can decorate and ultimately create an owl.

Even the crayons were displayed in a pretty way.    (The saying “Whoo’s Thankful”  was printed on the paper label because Deanna’s party was designed for Thanksgiving.)

Seating: Don’t forget to decorate the chairs in addition to the table itself!  Try decorating colorful flags and placing owl stickers on each one, just as the photo shows.  Then punch holes in each flag and connect them with string, tying each one onto the back of the chairs.  (These owl stickers can be used on other decorations throughout the room.)

Ready-Made Tableware – If you are looking for some cute owl table supplies, I found this great birthday kit.  Items are also sold individually.

Free Owl Printables – Deanna also offers the following cute printables at no cost, and is kind enough to share them with us.    There are many more on her site.