Owl Theme Party

Owl Theme Party

You can make your party memorable and a hoot by hosting an owl theme party.   Tara of  Tales of a Trophy Wife is super creative and was kind enough to allow me to show off her ideas and photos from a owl party she threw for her son.  Here are some of her inspirations:

Owl-designed Foods- Foods are an integral part of birthday celebrations and without these parties are never complete. To make your party more exciting and unique, you can prepare foods that display attractive and enticing looks. Adopting the owl theme in preparing foods for your birthday is a brilliant idea. Here are some food ideas you can adopt to make your owl party one-of-a-kind.

  • Owl Cookies – These cute sugar cookies have fork indentations for the feet and M&M’s for the eyes and nose.

  • Owl Cupcakes In designing the cupcakes, M&M’s chocolates and Oreo cookies are used to resemble the eyes of the owl in a cupcake. With cream fillings on top of the cupcakes, the face of an owl can be displayed. .

  • Deviled Eggs (OwlInspired) – These deviled eggs come with basil and black olives combined all together to make up an owl resemblance. Toppings on top of the eggs are also included to make the look more attractive. Adding the carrots on these eggs adds color making the entire food look lively and nutritious.

  • Owl Pizza– This food will occupy an important place in the list of foods that can be prepared during birthday celebrations. A cut of pizza that resembles the look of an owl is really extraordinary. The owl pizza is composed of mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and carrots for creating the owl’s eyes over the pizza and olives.

  • Owl pineapple

Fruits are perfect part of your table during your birthday party. The owl pineapple can capture the attention and interest of your visitors. Pineapples are now presented in a more imaginative way. The owl pineapple is frequently seen in an owl-inspired birthday party. Pineapples look amazing when put with an owls’ eyes making use of lemons and grapes. The fresh fruits surrounding the owl pineapple are an added temptation and attraction especially to those visitors who are fruit lovers.

  • Owl Party Favors – Souvenirs are commonly distributed during birthday parties that are why it is ideal to have these on your own party. Threat bags displaying cute owl designs can be given to your visitors before going home.

Here are some other ideas if you wish to purchase owl party favors :

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