Paris Themed Quinceanera

Paris Themed Quinceanera

Paris-theme parties are always fascinating, as the city of Paris offers many factors to explore like fashion, history and art. However, the most romantic element of this French capital is its amazing gardens and scenic parks. So, when Yanilka of My Little Angel Decorations planned a Quinceanera party that celebrated the garden theme, it was bound to be an exciting day for all involved.

Voila! Here is the fantastic party this gifted event planner from Lawrence, Massachusetts put together on the theme “Gardens of Paris!”

Paris Themed Quinceanera
How opulent and chic is this setting! Yanilka has recreated the splendor of the city of Paris with a deluxe cake, lush floral arrangements and magnificent decor. Gold accents add a touch of glamour to the pleasant color palette of blush, pink and ivory.

Opulent choices like glittering gold drapes with flower ball tie-backs and metal models of the bird cage and Eiffel tower set the ambiance for the event. Even the throw cushions on the majestic chair have been carefully chosen to match the Parisian theme.

Abundant fabric roses liven up the table linen, adding an extravagant touch to the rest of the décor. The neat arrangement on the cake table is striking from every angle.

Paris Themed Centerpieces
White forms a neutral background, intensifying the charm of the timeless blush and gold palette. The glittering table runner has a model of the Eiffel tower as the centerpiece. Beautiful flowers encircle the base, and make it more interesting.

Another centerpiece is a classic vintage vase on a golden crystal base. A lavish setting of soft white, blush and pink blooms pile high in the vase, adding to the overall height.

A sweet buffet welcomes guests to a number of tantalizing treats. This ornate spread includes delicate floral arrangements, colorful desserts on stylish platters and accessories on a sequins-encrusted pink table cover. The mirror in the backdrop enhances the grandeur, and the different dishes and accessories arranged at varying heights form a spectacular display.

Pearly white cupcakes in golden cupcake cases peep from the lower shelf of a tiered glass box. The upper row is a sumptuous spread of decadent pink desserts with golden floral accents. More desserts with intricate floral details are arranged on a rose-lined tray, that just fits the gardens theme.

The celebratory cake reflects the glamour and magnificence of this party. Each tier is unique and exquisite, and the variety of textures add to its appearance. Golden ribbons are used in the cake, and everything from the spread of roses on the bottom tier to the vibrant bloom as the topper add to its exquisite charm.
French Theme Centerpieces
Notice how everything at this party is resplendent and instantly impressive! Glittering chair covers decorate the chairs along the long tables. Centerpieces are gorgeous golden tree branches with crystal strands and blush blooms.

As we come to the end of this wonderful journey, all I can say is that Yanilka did a wonderful job at recreating the magical splendor of the gardens of Paris! Don’t you agree?