Party Favors for Adults

Party Favors for Adults

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to cut the favors from your next party.  Consider sending guests home with some of the following memorable items from your next fiesta.

  • Homemade edible favors: You can bake cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with a unique design for each guest.  Offer a variety of flavor options, from shortbread to chocolate chip.  You may even wish to include nicknames or edible pictures in the frosting.  Or, you may choose to dip Oreo’s in chocolate (whether white, milk, or dark).  You can add food coloring to the chocolate so that it matches your party decorations, and you can include sprinkles or edible confetti, as well as the date of the party.  Here is a link to some fun cookie recipes.

  • Cocktail favors: Specialty websites offer a number of cocktail favors that guests can reuse when they have company.  Options include coasters, wine stoppers, wine charms, and even champagne glasses.  Whether you choose colored glass, animal print designs, or elegant charms, your guests are sure to enjoy the unique favors.  You decide whether you’d like them to be fun and playful or elegant.  Bottle stoppers are also a popular item for adults.  You can find them in many themes.  The one below is for a wedding or engagement party.

  • Functional favors: While many hosts like giving theme favors, most guests like to take home something practical.  Many stores offer items like festive key chains, pens, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, coasters and other fun guest gifts.    The following rose is actually a reusable shopping bag:

Other functional adult party favors include letter openers, like this one in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.

You can’t go wrong with a bookmark.  The one shown below represents luck, as it is in the shape of an elephant.

I have found some of my best functional favors at Target in the dollar bin.   They also have wonderful, colorful favor containers like decorated pails and boxes.

Here are some great party favors for adults.