Princesses and Unicorns Birthday party

Princesses and Unicorns Birthday party

Little girls have always been fascinated by story book worlds of princesses, elves, fairies and other magical creatures. Nia’s latest obsession was the TV series “Mia and me,” and the unicorns in it were her favorite. So, Abbey Ayeh of Pretty Posh Events styled a fantastic birthday party for this little girl centered around two magical characters—Princesses and Unicorns. Join us as we take a closer look at this amazing party, drenched in pink and gold.


The dessert buffet is a royal feast for the eyes! A variety of stunning desserts are neatly arranged beside gorgeous flower arrangements and other table décor. The two magnificent golden mirror frames in the backdrop add a spectacular finish to the colorful arrangement.


The table settings are glamorous with lavish doses of pink highlighted with gold and white accents. The centerpieces are cubical glass vases with pink and gold ribbons, and containing a variety of vibrant flowers. Each elegant table setting features a gold charger plate and gold-rimmed white dinner plates. Tiaras are placed with the plates, and glittering unicorn labels display the names of the princesses.


Tucked between the dinner plates is a pretty pink napkin that also holds a custom-created place card. It features a pink label on a golden base, and a glittering golden unicorn that rises on its hooves as it welcomes each princess to her place.


I am sure the princesses loved this seating arrangement, with a magnificent combination of white, pink and gold. The adorable white chairs are decorated with silky pink covers on the top, and golden tulle skirts at the base,.


The chairs are decorated in two alternating styles—the first being a ruffled pink chair cover, and the second a pink satin bow along the center. Both types of chairs have a tulle skirt behind the seat.


How impressive is this arrangement? Splendid striped boxes in the party theme colors contain parting gifts for each princess. Pink and gold satin bows add an extra touch of glamour to each box. These boxes have also been customized with the captivating pink and gold unicorn labels that we saw earlier in the place settings.


As part of the party décor, the birthday girl’s name is spelled out in white monogram letters. Luscious red satin wraps around each letter, and golden unicorns gallop all over it, making it simply sensational.


Guests are treated to a delightful variety of unicorn cookies in pink and white, with tasteful gold accents.


The sweet treats also include shimmering pink and gold cake pops, on a picturesque gold base.


Carefully thought-out décor elements, like this tassel bunting, add a magical touch to the overall arrangement.


Princesses can enjoy strawberry flavored milk in mini-bottles decorated with red ribbons and galloping unicorns. Abbey makes sure every tiny detail is perfect, and even the straws match the theme colors.


Every dessert on the buffet is a work of art, as we can see here. Ombre tiered mini-cakes, shimmering cake pops and even jello cups are dressed up with perfect accessories so they look royal and inviting.


Isn’t the birthday cake breathtaking? The tiered ruffle and stripe cake is regally perched on a golden pedestal, with twinkling unicorns that dance around the red rose on the top-tier.  I am sure that every little girl at this party felt she was a real princess. Great job Abbey, you have outdone yourself!

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