Prom Tuxedo Ideas

Prom Tuxedo Ideas

If you’re preparing for Prom, then you already know it’s important to look your best.  The pictures you take and memories you make with your friends will last long after the dance is over.  If you’ll be wearing a tuxedo to your Prom, remember these two simple items in choosing the tux that’s right for you:

Determine which accessories you’ll have: Will you be wearing a vest and tie or a bowtie and cummerbund?  This pair is the perfect opportunity to add some color to your tux, so you should check with your date to see what color she’s wearing, and then pick accessories that will look good with her dress.  Staying in the same color family is key, and if she’s chosen a pastel color, you’ll want to do the same.

Also, determine which shoes you’ll be wearing to the event.  Generally, if you choose a white tuxedo, you should wear white shoes, and black shoes look best with a black tux.  However, try on different combinations if you feel you’d like to stand out.  Be sure to bring the shoes with you when you choose the tux and accessories so you can ensure you like the way everything looks as one complete outfit.

Finally, determine if you’ll be wearing cufflinks, and if so, do you want to purchase your own, borrow a pair, or even rent them from the store?  Cufflinks are another chance to let your personality shine through, so do some research before deciding on the pair you’ll be wearing.

Fit is important: Whether you rent or purchase your tuxedo, you want to make sure it fits exactly right.  Wherever you pick out your tux, the shop will have people on hand who can help you in getting the proper measurements.  They’ll measure your neck for the shirt, and they’ll measure your pant waist and inseam.

You’ll get the best fit if you wear your Prom shoes to the fitting.  Remember that the bottom of your pant leg should brush the laces on your shoes.  You don’t want the pants to be too long, or it will look like your tux is too large.

Finally, with the jacket, be sure that your shirt sticks out below it just slightly, and that when you’re measured, your arms are hanging casually at your side.  Most jackets are available in regular and long lengths, so you may want to try each to determine which style fits your body type best.