Puppy Themed Birthday Party for a Girl

Puppy Themed Birthday Party for a Girl

Throwing a puppy themed birthday party for a girl can be loads of fun.  Take it from Maria of  Love & Sugar Kisses who was generous enough to allow me to share  photos from her daughter’s fifth birthday party.

Welcome wreath: Maria has welcomed guests with a brightly colored wreath on the front door.  Not only does this set the color scheme for the party (in this case bright blue and hot pink), but it’s an easy and unique decoration.  This particular wreath is made from large polka dot bows and curled ribbon.  A large ‘A’, for the birthday girl’s first name, hangs in the center.

Drink table: This kid friendly table continues the pink and blue polka dot color tablet.  Set against a pink backdrop, the table contains bottled water, pink lemonade, and fun straws, plates, and napkins.

Each of the water bottles has a unique puppy or birthday label.  In fact, each of the tubs of beverages includes puppy labels.  For an added bit of personalization, the birthday girl’s name is spelled out in letters overhanging the table.  Guests can easily help themselves to these beverages.

Food table: The birthday food table has a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign including puppy pictures.  Although the beautiful cake is clearly the highlight of this table, there are many other delicious snacks for guests to enjoy.

The cake itself is a gorgeous decoration, and includes blue and pink polka dots and molded puppies, as well as the name and age of the guest of honor.

Adorable cookies with fondant  puppy faces offer another dessert option.  Maria offers the cutest fondant toppers on her Etsy site.

You can bet that the puppy chow was also a huge hit.     There are many good recipes for this creation online.

For a more savory option, guests can enjoy individual pink polka dot bags of popcorn.

Candy bark and chocolate dipped pretzels (complete with a ‘Go Fetch’ sign) complete the table options.

Puppy theme activities: The little guests were treated to a “Make Your Own Puppy” table, complete with a paper puppy.  Crayons, markers, and other craft supplies were placed in none other than dog bowls.  This is such a creative and inexpensive way to keep kids occupied, while keeping with the party theme.

Be sure to check out Love & Sugar Kisses for more puppy photos as well as ideas for other theme celebrations.  She also has an Etsy shop.

Puppy birthday supplies: Maria did a beautiful job of making her own creations, but you do have options if you choose to purchase them.  Here is a cute set I found: