Race Car Birthday Party

Race Car Birthday Party

If you have a passion for fast cars or know a special someone who does, hosting a race car party is an awesome way to celebrate a birthday.  Amanda of Werdyab Blog put together an amazing theme party and was generous enough to share the photos.

Party Room- Her racing-inspired tables included a checkered table skirt with a combination of black and white colors.   She  also used a chest of drawers to include racing items.

Specially designed Foods– Birthday parties are not complete without food.     In this race car birthday party, the presence of dipsticks, racing car lollipop, strawberries, Indy Cars, traffic lights-inspired treats, car cookies tires, popcorn, ice cream, cake, sporty drinks like the coke, are great foods to enjoy which incorporate  a car racing theme.

  • The Indy Cars

The Indy cars are Swiss cake rolls making use of pretzel sticks and marshmallows as wheels.

  • Dipsticks

These are actually pretzels that are chocolate-dipped which resemble actual dipsticks. Including a checkered car racing flag on a marshmallow place card holder is truly inspired.

  • Flag Cones

Amanda created checkered flag cones and fill them with  popcorn.  They are wonderfully displayed on a base with holes cut out for the cones.

  • Tires

The tires made from chocolate covered donuts look just like tires, don’t they?

  • Traffic Lights

Amanda made traffic lights made from red, yellow and green M&M’s placed on standard rectangular Rice Krispie Treats.

Additional Race Car Birthday Ideas

Finally Amanda created a pit pass to be worn during the race car birthday party which probably added to the fun and excitement of the celebration. The pit pass was designed using  red, black and white colors.   As you can see, it  indicates the name of the celebrant and the date of the grand racing event.

Here are some birthday invitations I found that are perfect for a racing theme birthday.  This photo invite is ideal for a younger racing fan.

Here is an racing party invitation fitting for any age: