Race Car Kids Party

Race Car Kids Party

If you are planning  a race car kids party for your son, it is sure to be exciting.  Boys love their cars and Nikka of Triple M Good Parties did a fabulous job of incorporating the race car theme into the food, decorations and desserts shown in the photos below.    Red decor, along with black and white checkered flags took center stage at this great birthday party, created by Nikka.

Race Car Food: As you can see from the pictures, naming the food offerings, as well as presenting them in a fun manner, adds flair to the party.  Placing “Geared Up Grilled Cheese” in a red plastic basket with black and white checkered paper is a delicious and exciting meal option.

“Four on the Floor Fries” held in a wire cylindrical holder with more checkered paper and surrounding them with popcorn is also a great snack option.  (Whether your child is turning one or just first in your life, a “#1” placed on the front of the popcorn holders is also festive.)

By ordering checkered napkins and placing straws in a holder wrapped with checkered paper, even the utensils become part of the party!

Desserts: Sugar cookies, or “Coupe Cookies,” can be frosted in black, red, and white frosting.   Nikka has labeled circular cookies with the words “Ready,” “Set,” and “Go.”  She has also formed other sugar cookies in the shape of the number one and race cars.  Place these cookies on black trays and display them as decorations.

This simple and elegant cake features a red striped candle and a ring of red M&M’s around the base of it.   Not only does it look delicious, but it doesn’t detract from all of the other decorations.

Jelly beans are a delicious way to hold up black and white checked racing flag decorations housed in silver pails.

Framed race cars: As a simple yet unique decoration, Nikka has taken black picture frames and colored the background red or with black and white checks.  She then took red toy race cars and glued them to the back.  By placing them on a table with the central frame mounted on a short candle holder, she has created a fabulous centerpiece.

If you are looking for a theme party completely created for you, check out Triple M Parties.  They specialize in kids birthday party planning, homemade party decoration rentals and imaginative crafts and treats.

Here are some cute invitations I found that would fit perfectly with this theme: