Ready to Pop Baby Shower

Ready to Pop Baby Shower

One adorable theme that’s growing in popularity is the ‘Ready to Pop’ baby shower.  Laura from the great blog Pink Cake Plate provides some great ideas to create a perfect celebration for your favorite mother-to-be:

Dessert table – A great way to do this is by preparing a dessert table with delicious treats that will be loved by the guests. The treats including the Oreo cookie pops and cake pops are skillfully arranged on this table and show the real purpose of the event. The cards with messages such as “Ready to POP” and “Oreo Cookie POPS” with the silhouette of a pregnant woman show how exciting it is to have a baby in the family.

Confetti popcorn – Popcorn is a favorite snack of many people, but you can also include it in the treats for your baby shower bash, just like this Confetti Popcorn. The popcorn looks so delicious to eat and the sprinkles really add to its luscious appearance. Looking at it, you can say that it will melt in your mouth. The recipe is very easy to make and it will just take 15 minutes or even less to prepare it. This sweet treat will surely make every guest crave for it.

Cupcakes – Cupcakes are common in parties and you can personalize it to make the event more memorable and fun. Just like this one in the photo, placing the message “Ready to POP” on top of the cupcake is a great way to show your support to the expectant mom. It surely looks delicious with the sprinkles on top. You don’t have to spend a lot as you can make cupcakes at home. Just buy the necessary ingredients and personally decorate it.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Decorations: Popcorn should be the center of this shower!  Include old fashioned popcorn machines throughout the room.  (You can fill them with anything from flowers to stuffed animals for the new baby.)  Also run lines of popcorn along the ceiling or walls.  If you’d like to have these lines match your party colors, just add a little food coloring when you’re popping the kernels.
  • Centerpieces: Large popcorn containers with “Ready to Pop” and the date of the shower can be place in the center of each table.  These can be customized so they have a cartoon image of a pregnant woman, or you can include real picture of the mom-to-be.  The containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll be able to match any other decorations.  Fill the cartons with individual bags of popcorn, whether it’s butter flavored, caramel, chocolate, or cheddar.  Encourage guests to snack on these throughout the party.
  • Dessert table: Remember that desserts can also add to the décor of your party.  Decorate cupcakes so that they look like little tubs of popcorn, and place them next to a larger cake on the dessert table.  You can also include lollipops in different colors, textures, and flavors.  (Cake pops are particularly popular and offer individually sized desserts for guests.)  Display these along the table as well.