Retirement Party Ideas

Retirement Party Ideas

Retirement is an important milestone in life, one that marks the end of a lifetime of hard work and the beginning of a fun-filled new phase in life. So, a retirement party calls for great ideas and lot of thought. Victoria of Party Printables did a wonderful job planning a fabulous party to mark Bill’s retirement, and it was cheerful, colorful and memorable. Come with us as we take a closer look.

The buffet table features an amazing blue and white palette that beckons the guests to an interesting array of food. A vibrant blue polka dot bunting and a simpler white bunting with blue lettering together display “Happy Retirement” on a cool blue backdrop. Framing the table on the sides are bunches of blue balloons. Beside the main buffet is an interesting display table that holds beverages and party supplies.

I simply adore this brilliant little table with its unusual bird house legs. It forms the perfect home for party supplies and beverages.

Here is a fascinating banner that uplifts beautiful dessert table. A tiered display of merry cupcakes in blue polka dot cases with customized cupcake toppers matching the banner occupies the corner of the table. A delicious chocolate cake with white frosting is in the center, and individual cheesecake portions complete the delectable dessert spread.

The cake is simple and elegant in white with light blue accents. It features a printable in the center, which is once again the attractive banner design we saw in the backdrop of the dessert table. I love the idea of using this beautiful design to personalize the cake; it is all that is required to add that special personal touch.

Aren’t these cupcakes delightful? The frilled layer within the blue polka dot cupcake case adds a sophisticated finish to each tasty treat. The cupcake toppers also feature the banner design, and are held in blue polka dot circular frames.

This calendar displays Bill’s retirement date and beside it is his wife’s chalkboard list of things that he has “To do” upon retiring. Another chalkboard illustrates Bill’s plans after retirement in a humorous and colorful tone. I love Victoria’s idea of using chalkboard for these unsophisticated, yet functional displays.

Famous people who have already traveled on the path to retirement, have had interesting things to say about this transition. A compilation of these quotes occupy a frame, and are strategically placed to amuse the guests who visit the jar of candy kisses. Did you notice how each little candy kiss is personalized with the retirement image we’ve seen over and over? This attention to detail is what makes this party flawless.

Now here’s a quick and fun idea to borrow. A customized name tag that reads “Bill’s retirement savings” in the blue and white polka dot pattern draws our attention to a vase carrying candy coins.

This perky blue tub is the perfect container to showcase the solid blue plastic cutlery. The polka dot blue napkins pop against the rest of the uniform blue combination and create an interesting display.

As we wrap up our journey, I know that Bill has certainly enjoyed his big retirement celebration. And thanks to Victoria, we now have some wonderful ideas to try for ourselves at our next party.

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