Rice Krispie Cupcakes

Rice Krispie Cupcakes

My sister just learned that she needs to reduce the amount of wheat that she eats,  so I was on the search for a cute dessert for her birthday.    I was delighted to find strawberry Rice Krispie Treat  Cupcakes on a post by Jeanee of Dirty Laundry – The Blog.    There were many things that were appealing about this idea.  Most importantly, the iced cupcakes are perfect for a birthday celebration.  With lots of kids in our family, they are fun and festive looking.

I also like that they are a twist on the more traditional Rice Krispie Treat, as there are strawberry marshmallows in them.  However, my guess is that you could make these treats with regular marshmallows and chocolate frosting for those Rice Krispie Treat purists.  Actually almost any flavored frosting would taste great.  However, Jeanee found that because the frosting needing refrigeration, the actual treats got hard.  Therefore, I recommend that you ice them right before you serve them.  If you are using whipped cream as the frosting, the same timing applies.

There are only three ingredients for the base of the cupcake:   Rice Krispies, butter and strawberry marshmallows.  This makes preparation easy, especially if you have kids who like to “help” you bake.  An alternative to regular cupcakes, these strawberry goodies would be great to give out as school treats.  Cover them in melted chocolate for a bake sale.

You will find a step by step, easy to follow tutorial and recipe on Jeanee’s blog:  Dirty Laundry. What makes Jeanee’s dessert extra special is that it was an experiment that turned out wonderfully well.  There are so many options and ways to adapt this recipe.  All you need to do is think of what flavors you like and create a Krispie Treat and frosting using them.

Just so you know, Rice Krispies are not gluten free.   Because they are made with barley malt, they are not safe if you need to stay away from gluten completely. Gluten Free Rice Krispie treats can be made with plain puffed brown rice and will still taste very good, especially with the strawberry marshmallows.  You might also be able to  find another puffy cereal at your local Whole Foods, health food or grocery store that doesn’t have gluten.

Thanks for this great idea, Jeanee.    My son and niece will be helping me to make these and my sister will be thrilled with the results.