Robot Birthday Party

Robot Birthday Party

Planning a robot birthday party for your technology-loving tot?  You found the right place for ideas and fun photos by Candice Miller of Lily Paul Designs .   Her son, aka “The Owenator,”  was lucky enough to have a wonderful first birthday party complete with everything robot.   Here are some of the details:

A warm welcome sign is presented with a robot …just so you know that you arrived at the right place.

Robot Birthday Decorations:  Candice wrapped boxes to create the head and body of the robot.  Foam and Slinky arms, foil wrapping, as well as googly eyes really made these boxes transform into robots.

When you are as cute as Owen, why not flaunt it with these fun robot photo decorations.

Robot Desserts and Food: What’s a party without good food?  From robot cupcakes and a blue birthday cake with robot printables to Robot Krispie Bots, everyone was most likely to find a treat that was out of this world.

Robot Party Activities:  If there are kids at your party, and you want t he parents to relax, you have to offer planned activities.  Candice created a “Build a Bot” station so that little guests could create their own robot.

There are lots more ideas for this party on Lily Paul Designs.  Thanks to Candice for allowing me to share these great photos.

Here are some other robot-theme ideas

Invitations: Whether you make your own or purchase them, robot shaped invitations are a must-have. While most will be silver in color, you can write the information in the colors of your party decorations.  Here are some cute ones I found on Baby Shower Stuff.

Entryway: Create your own robot to invite guests into the celebration. Take a few different sized boxes and spray paint them silver. Glue them on top of each other and then create your own “face” for the robot. Red and yellow or gold sequins are perfect “buttons” on your robot’s body. You can take each guest’s picture with the robot, or you can even stack the gifts around it. If you choose to take pictures, include a photo frame decorating table at your party so guests will have their own personalized robot frame to take home with them.

More Robot Cupcake Ideas: The cupcake holders could be silver aluminum, making them look metallic. You can also stick a toothpick with a robot picture in each one, and top off the cupcakes with silver and gold edible beads. Be sure to provide plenty of napkins, as well as dessert plates with a robot pictures. Your napkins should match your silverware in order to pull everything together.

Robot Take-Home Bags:  Send your guests of with treats in goody bags.   You can have a stack of bags near the dessert bar for guests to take home leftovers.