Safari Birthday Party

Safari Birthday Party

Celebrate your next birthday party all your friendly friends from the jungle. Here are some fantastic ideas from Monique of Bash Party Styling to go wild with, at your next Safari Party. So, get set to roll into the jungle!

The buffet is a rich mix of tropical colors and animal prints. Set on a rustic base of green grass and cheetah prints, the entire arrangement is a beautiful assortment of cheer and variety. Tall rainforest flowers in vivid shades of yellow and blue form a vibrant canopy for the arrangement.Treats in tall glass jars crowd together to create an abundance of colors, even as a huge python on the background of bamboo, pops in to inspect the event.

A herd of zebra cake pops tread on the brown ground, making their way towards luscious green grass. Guests have to carefully approach the stack of safari hats beside the zebras, as there are fleeting glimpses of cheetahs and leopards in the vicinity. Friendly blue lizards and cute tame lions also appear to greet the visitors.

Treat bags embellished with leopard print bows stand in stiff attention in a wooden box decorated with a lion motiff. The chimpanzee housed in a big glass jar doesn’t look too pleased at the sight of intruders. Here, the attention to detail is impeccable. All the jars used in the arrangement have been customized for the occasion with various animal print ribbons going around their lids.

Look at this close-up shot of the furry chimp who would love to party, but is a little shy to step up! Wasn’t it a great idea to lure him into a bottle and create a striking display element out of it?

The wild animals in the glass bowl with the zebra print race towards the treats ahead of them. I love the idea of mixing up the animal elements with the sweets and displaying both with equal prominence; it adds a unique personality to the entire arrangement.

The burlap on which the blue lizard rests creates an authentic charm for the entire setting. All the treats on the desert table are befiting choices for the theme of this party.

The vibrant orange of the candy stands out in stark contrast against the neutral brown of the sweets in the nearby jars. The shoots of greenery beneath the jars punctuate the scenery with a fresh dose of color.

I am certain that the birthday boy and the guests would have had an unforgettable experience at this party—a Safari party that was so well thought out and executed with utmost perfection. Thank you Monique for sharing the marvellous pictures of this fun-filled event with us.

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