Science Party with Chemistry Theme Decorations

Science Party with Chemistry Theme Decorations

When you look at the photos from this wonderful chemistry and science theme party, you will realize that Angela from Invites & More by Angela was in her element when she created it.   It was for a Bar Mitzvah, but would also work well for a birthday party or chemistry event.   This  innovative celebration, with the feel of a lab experiment, has so many unique characteristics including science theme invitations, decorations, food, place card holders, and centerpieces.

Chemistry Decorations – Element Table:  This is probably be most delicious element table ever, as each one is a frosted cupcake with an element symbol on fondant.

Science Birthday Party Decorations – The pictures show Angela’s ingenious centerpieces, comprised of stacked Chemistry books (bound in beautiful colors to match the tables), test tubes, beakers, and even scales.  You can fill the test tubes and beakers with a small amount of water and food coloring so that they too match the rest of your decorations.  You can place all these items or any combination of them on each of the tables throughout the room.

Science Theme Party: Table Numbers and Place Cards: As you can see from the pictures, each table has its own element.  The pictures show the element Titanium, but you have the entire periodic table to choose from.  Angela has placed the atomic symbol on a colorful card inside a handsome silver frame.  (The colors outlining the table number and atomic symbol are orange and green to match the other decorations, but you can choose your own colors to match.)  If you have fifteen tables, you can use elements one through fifteen, or you can choose your own elements as Angela has.  Also note that each table includes a sheet spelling out some fun facts of that table’s element.  These sheets are decorated with scientific pictures, such as beakers and DNA strands, and they imply positive characteristics of the guests sitting there.

Chemistry Party Ideas:  Name Cards –  To top everything off, Angela has created official looking name cards for each of her guests.  These cards include the element and table number, and they can be worn as if each party guest were in fact a true scientist.

Chemistry Party Favors – Chocolate bars with each letter or letter combination turned into a chemical element couldn’t be more clever.

Science Invitations: Since Angela’s specialty is invitations, you can be sure that this collection was completely custom made for the guest of honor.

Be sure to check out Angela’s Facebook page, as she has many types of celebrations featured.