Scrabble Bridal Shower

Scrabble Bridal Shower

If you know a bride-to-be who likes board games, why not host a Scrabble bridal shower?  Gemma of Party Style has made it easy for you with her printables and great photos to follow.

Invitations: Set the mood for the party with the invitations!  Spell the day and time in Scrabble pieces both horizontally and vertically, as Gemma did.  You can also choose the colors for your “Scrabble board,” which will be used to decorate the entire party.  Match any balloons, streamers, and confetti to the colors you chose for your “board.”

Food decorations: As you can see from these clever pictures, the décor from the Scrabble board can also be used to wrap cupcakes (or even individually packaged cookies or brownies).  On top of each small cake, you can place a scrabble “piece” that you can make out of sugar so that guests can still eat it.

Also, if you intend to have a wine and cheese table as this party did, place a toothpick in each different kind of cheese and decorate the label like a Scrabble board.

For a truly unique idea, arrange the cupcakes so that the pieces spell out “Congratulations to the couple” as they are set out together.   As  you can see, Gemma displays brownie bites with scrabble pieces spelling “Spain, Tanya, Tony, Love”

Scrabble Party Decorations: In addition to using the food as decorations, you can incorporate actual Scrabble pieces on  your dessert or guest tables.  If you have enough pieces, you can spell each guests name next to his or her seat for a unique place card.   Gamma created some easy decorations from a square piece of wood.

Signs: Wherever possible, place signage that thanks guests for coming or states the reason for the celebration.  Each sign can have a Scrabble board border, so that they look like they were taken right out of the popular game.  Gemma has included the name of the bride and groom, as well as the date of the celebration on her signs, which she then placed inside picture frames.  These are perfect for dessert and entry tables!    You can find this printable on the Party Style Etsy store by clicking the link at the beginning of this post.

Other ideas include:

* Use Scrabble letter to spell out names of foods.
*Have a scrabble game available for guests to play.
*Have a contest challenging guests to make up a name for a dessert or dish that you serve.
*Create a magnetic scrabble board and have guests spell messages to the couple throughout the party.