Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Silver 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Yarilda of Simply Divine Event Decor created a sterling 25th wedding anniversary party that focused on the sheen of silver as the central theme. The combination of silver and white that was used throughout the decor was just apt for this milestone celebration. Here she shares the pictures of this splendid silver-studded event with us.

The buffet table is a crisp and polished arrangement of classic silver and white. The spread consists of an abundant sprinkling of metallic silver and pure white treats in clear glass or ornate silver containers. Every element in the arrangement is individually enchanting and the central towering silver trophy vase anchors the rest of the elements in the arrangement.

This clear jar is a charming décor element which houses an assortment of ornaments. Sterling silver baubles and pretty white butterfiles harmoniously intermingle with white wicker balls and silver twigs.

Ivory meringues ride in style in a superb silver sleigh.

Glossy white spheres with silver chevron prints beckon from a jewelled silver tray—these cake pops look brilliant and taste exquisite!

The cake pops are flanked by equally impressive chocolate covered oreos and dazzling cake bites. Two gilded round jars with filigree work on them complete the classic arrangement.

The sprinkling of silver sugar pearls on a surface of unblemished white makes these cake bites a fascinating display.

Chocolate kisses wrapped in silver foil swim in a crystal bowl beside a tall glass jar containing cream colored candy treats. The glass jar is embellished with an attractive silver bow studded with a  remarkable glass flower ornament.

This trophy vase brings in some bling with glass crystal flowers resting on red shimmery branches rocketing upwards.  The red in this display adds a burst of color that isn’t overpowering, yet enhances the beauty of the distinct combination of silver and white that has been used throughout the setting.

We have to appreciate Yarilda’s talent at creating an exceptional display befitting the occasion. Thank you Yarilda for sharing the pictures of this impressive silver dessert table with us.

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