Soccer Birthday Party

Soccer Birthday Party

How about planning a superb soccer party for your child’s next birthday? Score a few extra goals with interesting ideas from the awesome birthday party that Monique of Bash Party Styling created for Kendall.

Monique has used the traditional soccer color combination of green, black and white throughout the décor. The buffet contains an assortment of pretty treats and friendly footballs in various sizes, rushing across the pitch. The authentic goal post in the centre is flanked by an arrangement of tall and small silver trophies on either side. The birthday bunting in green is a vibrant display of the birthday girl’s name on a background of black and white stripes.

At the trophy stand are icy doughnuts to feed the excited fans and squishy little soccer balls to entertain them. The neutral colors of silver, black and white are a striking contrast against the bright green lawn turf below.

Here’s a formation of various sweet treats in vivid shades of green on a carpet of grass. Cupcakes with little soccer balls on bright beds of grass form the elaborate highlight of this delightful spread. What a feast for the eyes!

Waterbottles for the little soccer fans have been customized with soccer theme labels.

Aren’t these party treat bags just perfect? The silhoutte of the little soccer player against a ribbon of polka dots in green awakens fun and lively action on a plain white background.

There are soccer ribbons for the birthday guests to wear. Piled into a clear glass vase on a base of green, they add visual beauty to the spread.

Notice how every item on the table has been carefully thought of! Look at these bouncing delectable sugary soccer cookies; the soft white sugar frosting seems to camouflage the brown cookie base and all we see are the bright soccer prints peeping out from between black ribbons of frosting.

The party guests score their own soccer balls to take home at the end of the party. These are piled into a silver bucket filled with grassy green shreds of paper to complete the theme.

Kendall’s birthday party has to be declared a soccer-studded victory courtesy of Monique!  Now it’s your turn to try some of these amazing ideas at your next party and brighten up a young football fan’s face. Good luck!

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