Spa Birthday Party for Girls

Spa Birthday Party for Girls

One unique way to celebrate your birthday is to have a spectacular Spa Birthday Party.   Monique of Bash Party Styling created a wonderful spa celebration and was kind enough to allow us to display the great photos taken by Arica Grafton. Monique selected a bright pink and blue color scheme for the party and incorporated these colors into everything from the decorations and candy to the signs.  The pom poms at the base of the table and in the background really added color to the display.  Pink and shimmering aqua blue table cloths were the backdrop for the fun spa items on the table.

So that you can better see individual items displayed, here is a close up image of the table top.

The candy is displayed in clear jars with a single blue ribbon wrapped around the lid on each one.  There are so many exciting products to try, it must have been hard to decide what to do first.    Pretty silver mirrors were available to admire the “after” spa treatment results.  Blue massage hands were “on hand” to relax the guests.   Individual spa treatments were sectioned off into stations.    Framed signs identified each one.  Here is the mani station, complete with nail files, cotton, clippers and polish.

The pedi station included white towels with fun decorations on them….perfect for drying off wet toes.

What a luxurious way to soak ones feet, in a warm tub of bubbles resting on a cushy pink pillow.

Here is the facial station, which is a key component of any fine spa.  Even the little tubs of cream matched the rest of the decorations.

Finally the girls had the chance to take home some of the items from the party…What a perfect favor.    Pretty decorated goodie bags were provided with matching tissue paper and ribbon.  You can see the generous contents including candy, a nail file, a soft white towel, nail clippers, mirror, bath and shower sponge, pedicure toe separators, and more.  Many of these items can be found at a local dollar store or discount chain.   Beauty supply stores are also great places to find nice, yet inexpensive products.

Thanks again to Monique of Bash Party Styling.  Check out her Facebook page link above so that you can oooooh and ahhhh  while looking through some of her fun parties.  You can learn a lot about decorating and sweet tables just by viewing  more of her photos.  If you happen to live near Medford, Oregon, just hire Monique to take care of your party.