Space Birthday Party – Astronaut Theme

Space Birthday Party – Astronaut Theme

If you are looking for a way to make an astronaut or space birthday party out of this world, Stacey of  Make My Day provided some wonderful ideas and photos shown below.

Astronaut Flags and Signs: Once you know your color scheme, you can make flags and signs to spread throughout the room.  Stacey has included badges with the NASA logo to make the flags even more authentic.  You can direct guests to the party or play area using these signs.

Space Theme Desserts: The dessert table is a perfect area to show your creativity.  Cookies in the shape of astronauts, aliens, rocket ships, and even the moon and stars adorn this party.  Cake pops are also a crowd favorite, and the frosting can come in any number of colors.  (These are particularly easy for young guests to manage.)  To add a splash of color to this table, Stacey has placed Fruity Pebbles in a clear vase.  Then, she has added colorful sugar sticks, creating a candy bouquet.

Rocket Space Cake: This cake serves as a perfect centerpiece, as well as being delicious!  The rocket-shaped dessert comes complete with two ice cream cone thrusts, with orange licorice “fire” trailing behind them.

Astronaut and Alien Beverages: Stacey has even found a way to personalize the drinks.  She has made her own bottle wraps, complete with a picture of the birthday boy, and ‘USA’ printed on the back.  She has also included green drinks, which can be poured into clear plastic cups, complete with a plastic eye.  These “alien drinks” are out of this world!

Space Theme Activities – Moon Sand makes the perfect activity to keep your guests busy.    It is best as an outside activity.  There are lots of posts about how to make your own moon sand.  You can simply search that term on Google and find economical “recipes” and ideas.

A bounce house is the perfect way to ensure all kids get a good night sleep later.  Stacey made her own sign to dress up the front of it.

Centerpieces: Simple rockets pull the entire party together.  Placed together in a bowl, these blue and red paper decorations have orange “fire” (created with colored tissue paper) coming out the end.  Your guest of honor may even help you make these thoughtful and easy pieces.

This fantastic party is just one of many created by Make My Day.   Check out the website by using the link above to view more interesting celebrations.