Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Surprise 40th Birthday Party

A surprise birthday party is always a thrilling experience. Katie of Saving Dates organized a great surprise party for Rosa, and the memory of this occasion will be treasured for long. Katie has been very kind to share the pictures of this interesting event with us. Let us look at the ideas she came up with and be inspired.

Desert Bar: The buffet is a spread of sweet delicacies in black, white and pink. The black and white color theme is sophisticated, but the sprinkling of pink throughout the table adds a refreshing spell of color. The entire arrangement is pleasant, and the selection of treats are a feast for the tastebuds.

The cake is a marvellous sculpture in white and black with bright pink accents added perfectly. The tiers are of lemon cake with rasberry filling, and white cake with strawberry filling.

These cookies are picture perfect with fabulous detailing. It was a superb idea to customize the print for the occasion.

The elegance of luxurious chocolate cupcakes with creamy frosting is enhanced by customized cupcake toppers with lettering framed in a pink and white floral background.

Veiled cake pops in black and white are fastened with pink satin bows, and stand tall in style.

Whirly pops in a clear vase with pink candy add a swirl of fun.

Here is an exotic décor element that towers with charm. The pink bows on the silver branches add a splash of color and add dimension to the solemn silver trunk.

Here are the pretty pink party favors for all those who came to the birthday party. They have been placed in a designed bucket, and the pink stands out against the black and white strikingly.

This customized Koozie is a great idea. The clip art with the three ladies sharing drinks is pretty impressive.

No detail has been overlooked, and the napkins look classy in black and pink silk with a lace design. The vertical arrangement brings the pink and black design into focus.

Individual s’more bars with flavoured marshmallows were a splendid idea. Look at the s’more maker, it is so exquisite! Besides being functional, the fine detailing and charming design make it a treat for the eyes. Katie has done a great job with arranging the skewers to look spectacular. What a great idea to place them in a little vase and make it part of the décor.

The entire s’more bar has been arranged neatly and elements placed beautifully. It has been executed with perfection. The little tealights and golden flames in tall glass vases, flicker against the black background. They flank the silver tree in perfect harmony and bring a classy look to this simple but effective arrangement.

Katie did a wonderful job creating this elegant event and can help you plan your unforgettable parties within the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area.

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