Sweet 16 Party Favors

Sweet 16 Party Favors

If you are looking for unique, fun and useful Sweet 16 favors, Cool Party Favors has just the item to make your party a big hit.  Here are some ideas:

Customized sweet 16 ear budsA practical gift that every guest at your 16th birthday party will find useful, these custom ear buds can be personalized with your own short and sweet message. Available in a variety of colors, they are compatible with most digital devices. Choose your favorite color for the cords, or match it to the color theme of your party, and you have a unique gift that every guest at your party will appreciate.

Sleek and stylish sweet 16 mirrorsYour friends will love to carry these sleek and stylish Sweet 16 mirrors, everywhere they go. Add your own personal touch by customizing it with your choice of color and print. Finish it with a unique message, or the details of your birthday, and it will remind your guests of the excitement and fun they had at your big celebration.

Snug and smart sweet 16 wallet strapsSimply superb, these wallet straps are excellent party favors for your sweet 16 celebration. They look smart, and will add more personality to your friends’ mobile phones, while also protecting it from getting scratched. Stretch it and you have a place to pack your credit cards and license into. Choose an imprint that reflects your taste, and you will have a unique gift that will serve your guests for a long time.

Amusing and delightful non-skid sock favorsAdd a humorous touch to your 16th birthday celebration, with these non-skid grip socks as your party favors. Available in blue or purple, with custom messages on the grip tread that read “I danced my socks off” in blue and “Celebrate live, love, laugh, sing and dance” in purple, these are humorous gifts that will definitely amuse all your friends. The size fits most teenagers and adults, and your guests will surely enjoy your cozy gift, that is also bound to spark many a conversation.

Elegant and handy sweet ’16 ear budsA perfect gift for every cell phone owner, these handy ear buds will serve your guests well. Make your pick from a range of bright and attractive colors, and your gifts will arrive neatly packed in a white transparent case. Customize it with a label citing your personal message, or imprint the details of your birthday party on it. Your guests will remember the fantastic party they celebrated with you, every time they reach for these functional favors.

Glow and glitter sweet 16 lampsHow stunning are these shake and glow mini lamps, that add a colorful and scintillating effect to any room. The glitter glimmers when the lamps are set down after being shaken, with colors that change from red to blue, and then to green. Sleek and stylish, your friends will enjoy displaying your carefully chosen party memento in their houses, and will be enraptured by the show of color it creates every time they use it.

Personalized portable power banksPractical and user-friendly, these portable power banks will rescue your party guests when they run out of phone charge. Gift these simple but efficient party favors in your favorite color, customized with your personal message. Each power bank comes with a charger, a USB output and micro USB input chord. Your guests will thank you for your brilliant gift, and it will definitely serve them when they most need it.

Cool crystal key chain favorsEveryone loves key chains, and when they are as exquisitely designed as these Sweet ’16 favors, it will be even more appreciated. The silver number 16 is adorned with a scatter of rhinestones at the base, that make it more attractive. Packed into a black box with a transparent top, an organza bow and a matching heart label, this is one favor that your guests will find impressive.

Fashionable Cell phone label mint tinsWhat could be a more symbolic favor for teenagers who can’t live without their cell phones, than these super cool mint tins customized with cell phone labels. Add a personal message with the details of your birthday party to one of the three available designs for the label, pack in your favorite mints, and your guests will love both the cool box and the sweet treats inside.