Vintage Travel Theme Wedding Table Ideas

Vintage Travel Theme Wedding Table Ideas

Journeys around the world would be impossible without vehicles! So, it was a brilliant idea by Kathy Campbell to focus on this indispensable part of traveling “around the world”, when she designed her entry for the 2016 Tabletop WOW competition by NACE, Detroit.  Perfect for a vintage travel theme wedding or party, here are some great photos.

The table setting was neat, uncluttered and classic. However, the highlight of the display was that all the transportation vehicles on the tablecloths were actually hand painted. Take a closer look to see how charming it was!

15037300_10211518022970141_3015813579657000561_nThe setting introduces us to the theme with a display that reads “Let the Adventure Begin.” Polished silver-rimmed glassware hold vintage ticket rolls that are apt for this theme. The table linen is neatly hand-painted with the same quote.

Travel Theme Party IdeasThe glassware at each place setting doubles up as display pieces that house vintage ticket rolls. These pretty details add a pop of color to the setting, and enhance the theme. Clusters of purple and blue hydrangea form simple but beautiful floral centerpieces at this setting.

Elegant Table SettingThe silver and white in the arrangement forms an elegant combination, as we can see in this picture. The China on the table is opulent and arranged beautifully. The service plate has silver beads along the trim, while the embellished dinner plate and tea cups look stunning next to it.

Hand Painted TableclothsHand painted vehicles on the table cover, like this steam boat, add vintage flair to the arrangement.

15032717_10211518024210172_401746322462276699_nThis version of a vintage car is just amazing! The subtle colors used in it complement the theme well.

Vintage Travel ThemeThis hand painted antique silhouette is actually displayed on an easel beside the table setting. The muted colors and characters in the image effectively transport us to a bygone era; a time when traveling was an exciting and dangerous prospect than it is today. This display also highlights the central quote used throughout the setting.

Custom Hand Painted TableclothsMeet Kathy Campbell, the owner of Custom Hand Painted Tablecloths, and creator of this exemplary table top design. With the many unique and custom details in this display, it was an amazing presentation!  Contact –