Wedding Dress Theme Tabletop – The Dress Shop in Howell

Wedding Dress Theme Tabletop – The Dress Shop in Howell

There are few other things that trigger emotions like a wedding dress! After all, wedding dresses not only look exquisite, they are also the symbol of a very special once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Bridal stylists Rachel and Cecelia from The Dress Shop in Howell made the most of this factor, when they designed their entry for the Tabletop WOW competition by NACE, Detroit. The table top was an actual wedding dress, on which the rest of the settings were done. Here is a closer look at this distinctive display.
Barcelona Theme TableIsn’t this scene breathtaking! Titled “ A Night in Barcelona,” the entry is a massive celebration of tulle and lace, with a scattering of red rose petals thrown in. The wedding dress as an extravagant centerpiece, eliminates the need for additional decor details.

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Here is a closer look at the table top display. A pretty white sleeveless wedding dress with lace appliques in the illusion neckline drapes over the mannequin. A beautiful lace collar and floral accessories adorn the neckline. Red petals are strewn over the misty dress layers, forming a rich contrast against the white. The China and silverware are set atop this wedding dress.
Wedding Dress Theme Table

The place settings consist of clear glass service plates with a silver bead trim. Soft red sashes wrap around golden chairs to complete the entire arrangement. Few elements have been used in this arrangement. Nevertheless, the overall effect is arresting.

Red dinner napkins, folded to resemble pretty roses, are placed in crystal service plates. These form a striking contrast against the pristine white backdrop of the wedding dress.  Below the wedding dress cover is a glittering gold skirting that enhances the wow factor of the gorgeous white and red colors in the design. This display is a picture of opulence, with its glittering, glamorous and extraordinary details.

Wedding Dress Table - The Dress Shop Howell