Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, you are probably searching for some teacher Christmas gift ideas.  You may also be planning to keep costs down this year while giving a meaningful and fun present to those who spend most of their day with your child or children.  Below are some ideas that are cute and won’t break the bank.

Glove of Beauty – This gift struck me because of the functionality, fun and presentation.  Diane of  Teach With Me.com created this wonderful array of beauty products packaged in a glove.  She tied in the idea of giving a gift to those who provide a “helping hand”  which can include teachers, teacher’s aids, room helpers, volunteers and even the bus driver.

Diane started with a glove and strung some beads together to make a bracelet for the cuff.  (Much less expensive than buying a bracelet and you can adapt the colors to target the recipient.)   She filled the glove, which she purchased at the dollar store, with a bottle of nail polish, a nail file, a mini pack of tissue, lip gloss and hand cream.    You can find many of these items at a local beauty supply store.  Diane also suggested filling the fingers with rolls of Lifesaver candy, lip balm in a tube or a small five pack of gum.   You will have to check out teachwithme.com to get more ideas to fill the glove as well as see the poem’s that Diane created to go along with her creation.

If you have lots of teachers for whom to buy gifts, here are some fun and inexpensive options:

Chalk Photo Frame – Your child can write a short message in chalk to the teacher and place his or her photo in it.  Perfect for a desk, these mini frames measure 3 7/8″ square and  hold  a 2 1/4″-square photo.

Chalkboard Coasters – Everyone can use coasters and these chalkboard theme gifts  are perfect for a teacher.  They can help their party guests label them, so everyone can identify their drink.

Mini Spatula – You will find that this gift will be a hit because it is so unique and useful.   Your teacher will thing of you each time he or she needs to getting the last bit out of a jar or bowl of batter.  The spatula measures approximately 7″ h x 1 1/4″ w with a  white satin ribbon and color coordinated “Something Blue” hang tag.  It is actually sold as a wedding favor, but the price and practicality make it perfect as a teachers gift.  You can put a cute little personalized label covering the “something blue” words.