Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

If you are looking for some last-minute Thanksgiving treats for kids, Norene, from Party has great ideas.   She was kind enough to allow me to share these photos and offers tutorials on her site.

1. Sweet Thanksgiving Table – A graham cracker serves as the table for this miniature meal, complete with turkey, green beans and mashed potatoes.

2. Meal on a Cookie – Another mini meal awaits those who dare to eat this work of art.   Everything on this cookie plate is completely edible and delicious.  My favorite part of this is the caramel turkey legs.  Check out the rest of the meal on

3.  Marshmallow Turkeys – Peeps are not only for Easter.  They happen to make great turkeys, especially with yummy feathers.   Norene demonstrated how to make one and also displayed many of the treats you see here.  She was inspired to create fun desserts for Thanksgiving because the traditional ones just didn’t appeal to her (fortunately for us).

4. Corn Stalks – This display is so creative that itcould easily be part of your table centerpiece.  It won’t last long, though.

6.  Thanksgiving Candy – These treats truly look like mini caramel apples, but they are made from candy.  I imagine that you could use real granny smith apples and dip them in caramel, but these look so perfect and will last longer.

7.  Popcorn Turkey – This is an easy dessert to make with kids.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!